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During my Route 66 trip in 2008, I shot about five hours of video and edited it into this five-minute film, which won second place at the First Person Impressions national film competition.  See how many sights you can name!

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Carthage, MO

It’s said that the Boots Motel in Carthage once hosted a variety of famous people, like Clark Gable.  Today it hosts guys with large belt buckles who can’t seem to hold down a job and forget to visit their kids on weekends.  Still, it’s there!

More upbeat is the still-operating 66 Drive-In Theater, with all vintage details still intact.  I wish that we could have stayed the night (not in the Boots) and caught a double-feature.

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Fuzzy Dice

Oliver and I got a pair of fuzzy dice for the car.  The car, by the way, is a Chevrolet  Cobalt.  I’d consider purchasing one in the future, it drives so well… if I wasn’t sure that it would fall apart  at 50,000 miles.  But, yes… fuzzy dice.

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Filling Stations

Just outside of Springfield on old 66, we encountered two filling stations.  The first, in utter disrepair, was rotted much like John’s Modern Cabins.  An old can of motor oil sat on the counter inside, visible through the front door.

Further along the way, a kind soul restored a Sinclair Gas Station to its 1950’s glory, though it was not open for business.  A Phillips 66 Station, similarly restored, stood down the road from that.

I think that I like the abandoned station the best.  It leaves more to the imagination.  However, $0.15/gallon gasoline seems like a dream.

Speaking of gasoline, just in case you were wondering – even with high gas prices, our car averages 30 miles/gallon and we’re paying about $38/day for fuel.

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Cuba, MO is a sleepy little town that features the Wagon Wheel Motel (still operating) and best of all… the “Jesus, King of the Road” shield. 

I wonder if Jesus packs heat when he travels through the west?

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Midwestern Nice

The trip from St. Louis is taking us through a lot of little Missouri towns, filled with really great people.  We made a stop at a Wal-Mart in Sullivan, MO.  It was sublime, and that’s the first I’ve ever said that about Wal-Mart.  The store was immaculate.   The people seemed to enjoy working there, with one another.  I asked if they had foam coolers, and the worker took ownership of her product – “all of MY coolers are up front.”

When we got to the register, I was advised that my hand sanitizer might expand in the hot car, and so excited was the cashier that we were driving Route 66, she called her co-worker who got excited, too.  Two Wal-Mart co-workers, smiling, happy, and talking to their customers in a friendly manner.  It’s a far cry from the South Philly Wal-Mart where the register clerk is screaming about when her break be.

Hours later, in Rolla, a Waffle House employee asked me to wait while she finished cleaning the men’s room.

Am  I in the twilight zone?

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Sunset Motel.

Outside of St. Louis, the sun appears to be setting in the life of the Sunset Motel. 

Many old 66 motels now serve as cheap apartments for low-income workers. 

The picture doesn’t adequately show the rust on the sign, but you can see that its leaning, and that the courtyard is overgrown with weeds.

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