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I mentioned last post about the abundance of lava rock through the Mojave along 66 – I wanted to post a picture of as much near Ludlow, where we stopped at a diner for lunch.

A word about the diner in Ludlow:  I’m not sure what happened on our visit, but service was really, really slow.  It seemed that there was only one, overwhelmed waitress who took back my iceberg lettuce salad when she realized that it didn’t come with my dinner.

Why it took forever to have our orders taken, forever for our food to arrive, and forever to be noticed thereafter (I skipped out on some AMAZING looking homemade pie in the cooler because service was so slow), I do not know… but that my mistaken iceberg salad was INSTANTLY removed within 20 seconds of being placed in front of me absolutely shocks the conscience.

Much more to my utter delight was a great little ruin in Newberry Springs – a fairly well preserved Whiting Brothers Gas Station, complete with vintage pumps!  I squeal with delight!


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66 Seems to stretch on to infinity in the Mojave Desert between Cadiz Summit and Amboy.  At 102 degrees, I couldn’t go barefoot for a picture (I tried for about four seconds)

Amboy is home to Roy’s, a defunct motel, cafe and service station full of great Raygun Gothic architecture.  But wait!  The wealthy owner of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain has purchased it and is restoring it! 

What were ruins a few years ago that I would have picked through is once more looking good, and selling gas and tee shirts! 

Even if the motel is not operating, it’s clear that money has been invested in curb appeal.

Amboy is also home to the Amboy Crater, a large volcanic crater that is responsible for the black lava flows throughout parts of the desert.  I never knew the Mojave to be an area of volcanic activity, but the abundance of lava rock everywhere along 66 seems to make it the case.

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Cadiz Summit

In the 1940’s, the steep grade of the east- bound lanes on Route 66 left many-a-motorist with an overheated engine in California. 

Cadiz Summit sprang up as part of the solution, at the top of the hill. 

The vintage picture of the summit, which I’ve used as my blog header for the past seven days, shows tourist cabins and a service station. 

Cadiz Summit now exists as graffiti-infested ruins, as seen in my picture taken today from about the same location.  There is a Century 21 sign at the Summit, though I don’t know whether it is for sale.

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Tiki Head

Why there is a large Easter Island Tiki Head west of Seligman, AZ on 66 I do not know. 

Was it commissioned by the owner of the now defunct Kozy Corner?  Did it arrive on a flatbed truck?  We’ll never know.

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